2015: Speed

3 Reasons World Changers and their Organizations will incorporate Speed into their 2015 business strategy


(3 steps you must take in 2015 to accelerate and compress in order to get massively amazing results!)


Today is the day to make instantaneous decisions. 2015 is the year of rapid results. How fast are you?

A CEO I know keeps track of the compression statistics involved in his text deals. “I just did a 5 million dollar deal via text in sixty seconds,” he said.

He tracks his success acceleration rate, and he’s looking to compress results even more.


We live in the era of instantaneous response.


We are Mobile, global, Revenue Generating machines. Cell phone, texts, linked in, Facebook, email, with clients and prospects accessible instantly from the palm of your hand. If you’re a leader, your employees can take that five day escape to St. Barths and you know they’ll be in touch. They’ll be able to respond to clients demands, and they’ll be able to answer your last minute question about sales, revenue, or the status of a new client delivery. If you’re the employee sitting on the beach sunning yourself, you know that the days of automated email responses are gone. If you’ve got one of those you’re a dinosaur. And not only that, you’re missing golden opportunities. Because your competitor is still selling from his hot tub at the resort as he sips his Peroni.


Speed matters.


And companies who don’t get the memo will be left behind.


Oh, you didn’t? Chances are you’re watching your competitors cash checks that were meant for you as they transform other people’s businesses. But it’s not too late. Change your thinking now, and transform your business model.


It simply is not enough to deliver great quality not on time, at the wrong time, or too late. It is simply not enough to deliver a product long after someone wanted it. Argue all you want or take the chance and turn off your phone for ten days, but do it at the risk of losing business. One customer accusing you of laziness, or miscommunication, or unable to deliver on time, is a wildfire that spreads and creates a perception of your image.


Those who don’t shift their thinking will lose. Be there. Or be square.


I love what my book client Wayne Nugent, the Chief Visionary Officer of WorldVentures taught me about this. He coined the term Mobilepreneur. It shifted my thinking and catalyzed a much faster way of doing business. Wayne proposes that if you consider yourself mobile, it’s easier to automatically respond to life and business opportunities. In the past, I got mad if I was on vacation with someone or at dinner and they were texting. Now, I can be grateful that the mobility of our lives allow us to be on vacation, and work, whenever we want. Is a shift. What if you can’t take off to another country or beach vacation because you’ve designed a stationary life that requires you to be in the office or in front of customers? That would be a life I’d regret. So I listened to Wayne, and created a mobile existence – and one of my biggest assets is speed.


I don’t resent 3am texts from potential clients halfway across the world. If I’m a awake, I respond to them. Who do you think gets the business? I do.


In 2015, great leaders will implement Speed into their strategy for their sales teams, service experts, account managers, and visionaries. Organizations large and small will focus on implementing speed strategies to compress results.


When I go inside organizations in 2015 to talk about the currency of words, I’m also going to talk about the currency of speed and the connection between them both. It’s not enough to have the right words too late. You’ve got to have the right words, delivered at the right time. Content is king. But only if it’s delivered at the right time. Think of the co,Edison on stage and how important his timing is to connect with the audience. I utilize this speed strategy when I’m writing web content and books, too.


Let’s coach employees to seize the day.


In the past, a CEO would have been unattainable. But today, with mobile phones and tablets in everyone’s laps at night at home or in bed, the CEO is as accessible as anyone else. Send an email or a text?? It is likely you’ll get a response. Don’t? Because you’re fearful about taking that step? And you won’t.


Even the CEO brings his or her work home, and work and home life collides. So that means, the game has changed. Speed matters.


Everything at work has sped up. Gone are the days of responding in a week. If you do, guarantee your competitor has offered up their solution or beaten you to a response, or client. Speed is just as important as what you deliver. Speed to market gains following and cements a brand in the culture. Tips to accelerate success in 2015:


Step #1: step on the gas pedal

Don’t wait, analyze, or contemplate any longer. Execute.

Make this the year of doing.


Step # Be there, or be square

Show up. Plan less and execute more. Compress results.

Perfectionism is the opposite of speed. Today your client expects an instantaneous response so respond even of you don’t have an answer. When they text, or email you it’s expected that you’ll see it instantly. So if you don’t respond, the assumption is that you’re ignoring. Show up virtually and over communicate.


Step #3: Use Speed as an Asset

Stop thinking too much. Accelerate, connect, and make things happen without hesitation. You already have the skills. Your brain is all you need.

Stop creating obstacles or traveling through the city of What-If in your mind! What if is a stumbling block that causes us to lose focus. (What if this happens? What if that happens?)


Focus on speed in 2015 and execute, execute, execute. Do all things faster. Ramp up your response times. Speed is an asset.

The One Currency That All Extraordinary Leaders Have In Common

How much margin time do you have built into your life?

I often write about currency. When I was asked to give a TED talk I delivered it on words as currency.

It was a unique perspective for most and I received hundreds of comments, emails and letters about it. I said that words are just as important as the dollars in your bank account because words build or destroy, words can transform nations, start or stop wars – and save lives.

In business – words are critical. They are the engine that delivers your message and builds your brand.

This is the second article in a series on currency and I have been thinking about it for a long time. For years I’ve worked with world changers such as CEOs, celebrities, speakers and humanitarians. People who change and save lives. Samuel Bistrian, the CEO of Roma boots who has impacted the lives of orphans all over the world by doing boot drops and giving them free rain boots.

Greg Secker, in London, who travels to Africa and beyond fitting children with hearing aids. Harry Singha, the global king of youth leadership, who intentionally builds great leaders.

All of these world changers have one currency in common that allows them to live in excellence.

That currency is Time.

I learned years ago that you have a choice of two paths to follow. I could choose to follow the basic thinkers who say I don’t have enough time and I don’t have enough energy (or money, or fill in the blank) or I could take the other path – and create margin time to live my life’s calling. I could choose to create abundance, and give it too.

Time is currency.
Time runs out.
Time is valuable.
Time is an asset.
Time is more valuable than diamonds, rubies, dollars or gold.

Ask a cancer patient who doesn’t have much time left what they would give to have more.

How are you leveraging your time? Are you treating time like dollars or are you wasting it?

I coach people to use words as dollars. When you see a word as having a monetary value you are more selective about which words you choose.

It’s the same way with time.

When you view time as a currency that just might run out (it will) you will think of every hour in terms of equity.

Make margin time.

What is it you want to do that you haven’t yet done?

Create margin time and do it.

Here is more clarity:

If you want to achieve a major life goal or create a business or a life or a family that leaves a lasting legacy on the world, it’s possible that you will need more time.

You might need to think differently, or pattern interrupt your schedule.

Do you take advantage of the hours in the middle of the night? Two days a week I let my body naturally awake and instead of fighting that 3am alertness I get up and a focus on a project that changes lives. It’s an intentional awareness that I need those hours to accomplish these things.

What time can you carve out of your schedule for those unexpected guests, visits from someone in need, or events that could transform your business?

3 steps to leverage time:

1. Think of every minute as a dollar. This change in thinking will change the way you view time. Don’t waste it.

2. Create more time. Evaluate your schedule and make a list of time wasters. Eliminate those things right away. Even if it’s temporary (a month, a year)

3. Set aside a new hour each day. Find an hour you currently do not utilize and use it to achieve your goal or project.
If you eat lunch out, for instance, and decide to use that hour to focus on a project, that’s 1 hour a day times 5 days a week and adds up to 20 extra hours a month. Imagine what you could do and achieve!

Create margin time.
It’s there.
Dream bigger than big and execute.

Influence: The One Asset You Need More Than Anything Else

What’s your influence IQ?

Influence is the single most important business and life asset.

How much influence you have can be easily assessed by analyzing your connecting points and speed of results.

Can you call people and connect them to others at a moment’s notice? Are you connected with world changers?

World changers are action oriented influencers. They make plans, execute easily, and pull together others who will drive change.

The currency we all work for (money) allows us to buy products and services across the globe. We work for money, save it, spend it, gift it, and work for more.

But there’s no currency more powerful than influence. Influence can be used on every continent.

Make no mistake – an influential woman has power that can change the decisions of world leaders, executives, businesses, and families.

Over the years I began noticing that I had built a level of influence money can’t buy. My mission was to change lives through the written word, and the books I wrote made a lasting impact. At times, I partnered with CEOs, and celebrities and non profits on books. I remained open to new partnerships, and my network exploded.

I became a connector, who invested in others naturally.

And this is the cornerstone of influence.   After years of investing and building trust equity, you find that people respond quickly when you request something. One call, gets results.

I texted an NFL player and told him to be at a meeting. He showed up. No questions asked. I told a popular radio show host to interview a homeless man. The text I got the next day said; “My show schedule is booked the next two months. But I’ll fit him in.”

The interview happened two days later.

People work for money, satisfaction, equity, and power. Rising up through an organization offers the chance to lead individuals and teams.
Leaders have the ability to be influencers – but here’s the distinction – not all leaders are influential.

Some are just positional.

Authentic influence is powerful and productive. Entrepreneurs need influence, for growth, expansion, credit, connections and results!

When you have influence you can pick up the phone – call leaders of companies nations or communities and make things happen. When you have influence people write about you talk about you and include you in their plans for the future. Influence is magnetic and it transforms lives in businesses.

Leverage your influence. Work to build relationships and increase your influence IQ this year.

Why Some GhostWriters Write Best Sellers

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Whatever the platform, I use words to change lives.
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